The High Society bets on Paris to address major accounts

The High Society bets on Paris to address major accounts

Isère on 10 April 2017 – Laurent MARCHANDIAU – Tech and Media

La Haute Société – The Grenoble Communication Agency La Haute Société has opened an office in Paris to target key accounts.

A specialist in digital strategy for business services, the Grenoble communications agency La Haute Société is taking a new turn by setting its sights on Paris. Its objective: to attract large accounts.

Discreet and performing, she is a key player in the small Grenoble universe of communication. Weighing 2.1 million euros in turnover in 2016, an increase of 20% compared to its previous financial year, the agency specializing in digital communication for companies, High Society, is moving up a gear. Among its clients are numerous large accounts such as Adidas Europe, Becton Dickinson, ARaymond, SFR and Poma, the agency opened on March 20, an office in Paris. Behind this new implantation, the Grenoble agency aims to address the major accounts particularly present in the capital by partnering with Parisian agencies to jointly respond to important calls for tenders.

Betting on Diversity

The Paris office is managed by Thomas Codet, a senior consultant with Shiva Communication, Marcel and M & C Saatchi.GAD. The High Society foresees a rapid development of its Parisian agency by reaching three permanent consultants within two years. The production will remain on the site of Grenoble which has about thirty employees (artistic directors, front back developers, UX designer, project managers, etc.)

The strategy of the agency is based on the diversification of its clients. Originally, it became known in the sport sector, now it targets other segments. As proof, the company recently signed the creation of the new website of the publishing group Hachette Livre (more than 95 publishers represented). It also won a contract with Salomon (on the digital aspect) as well as The travel agency Allibert Trekking (web design).

Laurent Marchandiau